Carry On

Nick fixing hat cropped.JPG

I did everything that a good soldier was supposed to; I even made it back home
But in my head is a slideshow of horrible pictures, I’m not sure how to just ‘carry on’

My wounds are healed, but the daemons hold me captive and refuse to set me free
In my mind the war is not over, as every day I battle an enemy, that only I can see

One passing glance leaves little doubt of your incredible strength, and explosive speed
Your head held high, the bulging muscles on that impressive frame, how they deceive

You are but prey, vulnerable to the outside world; the powerful image an artful disguise
That is why you accept me unconditionally; you see the same fear behind my eyes

When I am around you I don’t feel broken, because I can see myself through your eyes
And the trust you have in me to keep you safe, even though I am a fraction of your size

And my heart fills, when I hear you nicker as you see me making my way to your stall
And your soft nose doesn’t hesitate to grab the cookie, resting in my prosthetic palm

It still amazes me today, how you just considered me worthy, no questions asked
I just swing a leg over the saddle, and you willingly bear my weight on your back

When I am riding tall in the saddle, I feel like I used to, capable and strong
Slowly my confidence is returning, so if you’ll keep raising me up, I will ‘Carry On’


‘A Helping Hoof’ is dedicated to the many brave men and women who owed me nothing, but gave everything without reserve, to safeguard my freedom.
~ Eileen Stewart, April 2014